Fran and Friends Pet Grooming
We treat your pets as if they were our own.

About us

The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. We know that every pet we groom is our good reputation and we strive to make your dog a beautiful work of art. We have bathers that hand dry every dog and we don't use cage dryers. We have a teamwork environment so we can hold old dogs or puppies to reduce their stress level. Your dog doesn't have to go in a crate, we will accommodate every dogs needs.  

Fran - Pet Groomer/ Owner

Evident by the terrific following she has built, Fran will cheerfully and patiently groom any dog, providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision. Equally comfortable with large or small dogs, long hair or short, Fran's expertise is skillfully demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from Toy Poodles to Giant Schnauzers. Fran's proficiency at scissoring and shaping makes her perfect for breeds where extra care is appreciated.

Shannon- Receptionist/bather

Shannon has been working with dogs for over 10 years, she is friendly, sweet and loves our furkids!

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